YPHTC volunteering tax filing services with Jane/Sheppard Toronto Library


We have partnered with the Jane and Sheppard Library to offer free tax filing services for the past two tax seasons. Our sessions were held weekly on Monday afternoons in the library’s curriculum room, accommodating both appointment and walk-in clients.

Our assistance extended to both in-person and virtual appointments, where we helped seniors, students, new Canadians, and families with modest incomes file their taxes. The Canada Revenue Agency equipped us with training and tools to efficiently use UFile for tax filing.

During the previous season, our dedicated volunteers successfully filed over 100 tax forms through the CRA CVITP and the 2022 UFile Software. Despite software setbacks during the 2023 tax season, our team managed to complete 128 income tax and benefits returns. We also appreciate our volunteers for recommending our services to others.

As we continue through this bustling tax season until the end of June, we remain committed to our partnership with the library. Our clinic volunteers and clients work diligently, and we aim to support UFile Tax clients while proactively addressing any technical challenges.

Thank you for your attention, and may you have a blessed day.