Virtual Tutorial

Free Online Tutoring for Elementary Student (Grades 5 - 8).

Free Online Tutoring Program


YRPH’s free online tutoring program will commence July 5th, 2021 to coincide with student’s summer holidays with following terms scheduled as follows:

Weekly schedule: Start with grades 5 – 8 for the first term and will expand to grades 3 – 4 following:


4:15 PM – 5:00 PM


Math 8


Language 8


NO Class


Math 8


Language 8

Note: each class will be held 2 times a week and each class will accommodate 5 to 7 students.


Online curriculum that has lessons completed, so there is minimal preparation time for tutors.

Language –

Math –

Tutors (qualification):

  • College/University students in Language/History programs for Language tutors and Math/Engineering programs for Math tutors or adults with online tutoring experience.
  • “If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please send a cover letter and resume to“.


  1. Apply through online
  2. Initial interview by the tutoring coordinator with the parent and student:
    1. Confirm/Validate information on the application form
    2. Understand the need
    3. Correct placement of class
  3. Schedule a student and have a tutor contact the parent/student for introduction
  4. Start tutoring
  5. Tutor prepares a weekly progress review send to the parent
  6. At the end of a term, parents are asked to rate the tutors and the tutoring program

Application Form:

Student’s Information
Parent’s Information